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About Our Company

Swain and Baldwin Insurance, Inc. is a diversified, independent insurance agency formed in Lufkin, Texas in 1949. Since inception, our offices have expanded throughout Texas, with services offered nationwide.
With over 65 years of experience, Swain & Baldwin takes pride in our ability to provide superior insurance and risk management services at an affordable cost for our clients. We've partnered with the highest rated carriers to ensure the best available coverage. Plus, our team of insurance agents and client advisors are dedicated to providing you with a package tailored to your specific needs.
Swain & Baldwin understands the risks that accompany certain types of business holdings or activities, and are eager to help protect you from the unexpected. Our firm focuses on fully integrated delivery of both general and specialty property coverage, casualty insurance and risk management services. We can also provide hands-on litigation coordination should the need arise.
Are you fully prepared for the curve-balls life throws at you and your business? Request more information about our insurance and risk management services today. Contact us today and call (800) 364-3122.